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Vision & Mission


Familiar Education and Training (FEaT) wants a world where there are bridges between allied industries and professionals working at the intersections of disability, sexuality, racial and social justice, human rights, trauma informed practice, education, advocacy, and violence prevention.

In this world, we collaborate to encourage systems change rather than doing our own versions in our own industries.

We want to create more than a network – we want to build a community based in care, support, and shared growth where we recognize the importance of ongoing learning, sharing our knowledge and skills, and taking care of ourselves and one another.


The mission of Familiar Education and Training is to:

    • Provide personal and professional learning opportunities, resources, and referrals for those interested in learning to be better advocates, allies, practitioners, and all around human beings.
    • Offer professional development at the intersection of sexuality, disability, human rights, trauma informed practice, and violence prevention (aka the things I’m skilled at).
    • A community for professionals to connect and support one another on our paths.