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Privacy Policy

I have started a voluntary mailing list for people who want informational updates. I will use this list to let people know when new projects start or major news occurs that is relevant to the kind of people who would sign up for the mailing list of an org like FEaT. This list will not be used for a newsletter or promotional emails. If those become a feature of our community or my business, I will notify the updates mailing list using opt-in methods.

The minimum requirements for information submitted into any directory or community referral list will be Name, Pronouns, and a method of contact. Currently, I am exploring the user-controlled security settings of a few different options for running the directory. My goal is to have all directory fields able to select among levels of public visibility (anyone can see it), community-only visibility (other registered users), and owner-user visibility (yourself and me as the admin)

I will not sell any of your information, nor distribute any of your information that is not publicly viewable (when not logged in to the website)  in our directory without express permission. Inclusion in any kind of publicly viewable directory or resource list is voluntary and I will seek additional consent for those listings.