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Website Disclosures

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The vision for FEaT involves two aspects: the portion that is my professional brand (referred to as the Brand) and interests and the part that is our community space. 

Data Collection and Information Sharing

Currently, I’m on a kick where I want to find out what makes people who are really good at the intersections of these fields – like “the person who gets the email when there is a complex issue” or “the person who really connects with their audience on an authentic level” good – successful at their jobs. Because I’m a nerd, my answer is data. One of the things I plan to use FEaT for is to host any data collection I do and to publish any findings that show up.

I maintain the right to all anonymous data collected voluntarily through analysis, surveys, and research to use for…well, who knows. Any identifiable information or surveys that include identifiable information will not be used without the express consent of participants.

Consent will be explicitly included in any research or data collection and parameters around how the research will be used will be outlined.

Community engagement, membership, and directory inclusion will not depend on participation in any of the Brand’s research. Occasionally, changes to website structure or policy may require all members of the community to resubmit consent (e.g. changes to a Privacy Policy or Rules of Engagement)

About Money

I reserve the right to monetize the FEaT site to pay for its time and cost. While I don’t anticipate this including much beyond maintenance and hosting, I want to build in the caveat that I am not in a position to go broke for the love of community organizing. Right now, I imagine potential options for monetization to look like ad space and referral links. If that becomes a strategy I use, I will notify the community and give community members priority when it comes to advertising on FEaT.

If you think I’m plucky and want to support my work financially, you can do so on Patreon.

If you want to be helpful in non-monetary ways, be actively engaged. As this community grows its needs will develop and evolve. I have no idea how this experiment will go, and there may be roles for folks to contribute based on their skills and capacities in the future. Right now, If I’m fucking it up, please let me know. I can’t get better if I don’t realize I’m doing it wrong. If there are issues that the community needs to address (as I’m sure there will be), bring them up. If you don’t feel comfortable doing either of those things with your name attached, submit anonymously.

March 30, 2019
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